CDA Homeowners Association

The Castilleja del Arroyo Homeowners Association is a legally recognized organization that includes all the owners here at Castilleja del Arroyo as members of the Association. The objective of this Association is to administer the affairs of our community in a manner consistent with the safety and well-being of all the owners and residents, as well as to protect the investment of all the owners. In order to efficiently accomplish these goals, the Association elects five of its members to be Directors.

CDA HOA Board of Directors

The Castilleja del Arroyo Homeowners Association Board of Directors are responsible for running the business of this Association and acting as its governing body.

They will fulfill these obligations by making financial decision, such as conducting annual reserve studies and establishing annual budgets; entering into contracts for required materials and services; and, investing Association assets appropriately. They will also administer and enforce the rules and policies as set forth in our Governing Documents. As such, the Board of Directors may, through appropriate due process procedures, impose penalties and restrictions on owners for failure to comply with the aforementioned Governing Documents.

Your current Board of Directors are:

Dr. John Howard
Charles Katz
Rebecca Jaffee
Chong Knowles
Nicole Branning
Please feel free to contact your Board of Directors at any time with any comments, concerns, or information by clicking here.
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