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If you need to change your mailbox lock, it is a "USPS-L-1172C" lock. Here is an example of one online - CLICK HERE

Please note: There are two models, one that turns clockwise (to the right) - CompX National Model C9100 and one that turns counter-clockwise (to the left) - CompX National Model C9200. Please make sure you select the one that turns clockwise (to the right) - Model C9100.


Welcome to the Castilleja del Arroyo HOA website. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


The Association has contracted with Orkin Pest Control for Common Area pest control services. This service will be performed on the second Tuesday of every month. It includes service for roaches, common ants, rats & mice, common spiders and wasps.

A benefit of this contract is that unit owners can get special pricing for pest control services inside their units. If you have service performed on the same day Orkin is at the complex for the monthly service, the cost is $25. If you have it done on any other day, it is $40.

To make an appointment, please call (866) 640-4371 and press 1. Once an operator answers give them either the account number - 32464655 or the address - 1001 Murrieta Blvd. Livermore CA 94550. If the operator tells you only the manager can make appointments for individual units, please ask them to read the account notes where we have given permission for residents to make appointments for their own units.

Once your appointment is made, you can communicate with Avery Passlalcqua, our Orkin Technician, at (415) 900-7343‬. Please call us if you have any difficulties.


Please remember - if you see any barriers in the parking lots, such as orange cones or barricades, please do not move them. Please contact management at 925-290-7456 if you have any questions about their placement. Thank you.


We have completed the pool renovation project. This project has significantly improved the pool area, both in size and quality. This improvement should also help increase the value of your property. Please CLICK HERE to see some pictures.


On-Site Manager
Greg Knowles, CCAM
(925) 290-7456

Off-Site Manager
NAM - Nathan Mitchell
(925) 243-1797 x103

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